When socks on your feet aren't enough

Spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hey hey y'all! It's spring break time and us sock monkeys are living it up. That means were going somewhere very secret and undisclosed,(seriously, we don't need anyone following us EVERYWHERE! That's why they invented mothers.) location that is going to be totally fun! Which also means that we wont be able to blog for about 10 days. Possibly. There's a slight chance, but were not promising anything. Sorry! We love you all. Have a good spring break!


Welcome monkey lovers!

Welcome to! If you love sock monkeys and being random, this site is for you !  We've dedicated this site to sock monkey lovers everywhere! Anyone who loves handmade with love sock monkeys is welcome.  So come and join the fun!  Have you hugged your sock monkey today?

Monkey info.!

We will soon be adding The Betty, Bobby, and Brittney Show, with pictures, soon, so stick  around for that!

Under construction! is going through a construction phase! We are adding new blog, pictures, videos, and TOTAL  RANDOMNESS!!!!!( What were good at!) Please say with us and we will reward you!* 

 *Staying loyal should be reward enough! 

HE HE HE! LUV U! B,B, and B 

Video Madness!!!!!!

Yo Sockmonkey luvers! I Bobby have uploaded two videos! Charlie the unicorn, And raven and beast boy with the burning up song!!1

Luv Bobby 

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