When socks on your feet aren't enough

About Betty,Bobby, and Brittney

Betty,Bobby, and Brittney are three fun-loving sock monkeys who know how to have a good time! They live with their owners, who are three sisters, and grandparents. Betty and Bobby have been wth the sisters for a year and a half, and Betty even went to the hospital when one who got sick! Brittney's the newest edition to the family. She's a little shy and mostly keeps to herself, but is as fun as a barrel of monkeys! Bobby's funny, random, loud, but an all-around softie! Betty's the no-nonsense one of the group, but don't get her wrong, she's the one who keeps everyone laughing when times are hard. This close-knit group of monkeys will always make you laugh, feel loved, and bring happiness.



Other sites Betty,Bobby, and Brittney luv

Brittney thinks that there should be another link to another adorable sock monkey website, which helped me think of ideas for this one. is a site about a group of sock monkeys who live on a ranch helping tired, abandoned, and hurt sock monkeys. The site's mother, Grandma Jan, also sells sock monkeys for money. Also, my friend UB Funky Check them out! They're very cute!